Bar mixer shower. Is the flow cartridge wearing prematurely?

Posted 8th Oct
Hi all

I thought I’d consult the kind folk that keep a eye on these chats. I have quite a simple question for anyone with a plumbing/handyman/ veteran DIY individual. I moved into my first home two years ago and it came with a bar mixer shower. Works fine, until later on down the line dripping started occurring from shower head. So I figured this was the flow cartridge (triton Tesla). The last owner left all the manuals to everything so sourcing the part and replacing this was easy, however that flow cartridge only lasted me just over a year and it’s dripping again, I have replaced again and the dripping has stopped. So I have already spent about £20 on replacement cartridges and a new bar mixer would be about £50 on a deal, so I am quite conscious does my bar mixer only support cartridges that will keep failing after a year or is this because I am sourcing - £10 replacement cartridges that don’t have a long life or is this simply just normal? The manual says printed in 2010 so triton charge £30 odd for replacement cartridge. Common sense tells me the thermostatic cartridge hasn’t failed but this is never really turned due to just being set at optimal temp and no one touches it. Obviously flow cartridge turned twice per use everyday with two people living at property, so that adds up. I’m just a guy that will turn my hand to whatever the diy job, I have no training or experience and just learn as I go.
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Have you tried adjusting the pressure going into the mixing bar? It’s maybe too high? I’m no expert but had a similar problem and lowering the pressure by adjusting the stop valve seemed to work. Also, it may be a washer/o-ring that needs replaced rather than the whole cartridge. Hope my limited knowledge helps
Not disputing that it worked for you Hastie ( ) but adjusting a stop valve reduces pressure while water is flowing, not while taps are closed and the dripping sounds to be while the systems is off. I have the same requirement and have yet to find a suitable device that costs less than many hundreds of pounds.

OP - you purchased goods that lasted just over 12 months. You have to ask yourself if you had a reasonable expectation that they would last longer and the answer is yes. YEARS would be a perfectly normal life. A warranty might be for 12 months but that does not end your rights under Consumer law. The goods must be fit for purpose, durable and of merchantable quality. HOWEVER, Triton will ask questions

Were the goods fitted correctly?

Is the water pressure in your area higher than a) the goods are designed to work with (see instructions) or b) too high (there are restrictions on mains water pressure)? You can buy a pressure tester at Screwfix or Toolstation.

Keep the receipt and see what happens. Read up on your consumer rights in the meantime and you will learn a new set of skills and expectations affecting every day of your consumer life
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