Barbell weights, with or without dumbells. Please advise!

    I decided I needed to make a bit of effort and I'm looking for a barbell. I have some rubbish dumbells, so having a dumbell/barbell set would be preferable but it is not a priority.

    So, I need a barbell. Anybody know any sites, deals or shops where I might grab a bargain? Ideally I want Cast iron or chrome, but vinyl is acceptable if there is no other option.

    Thanks in advance, will be checking this regularly so please give feedback!


    Try here for 50Kg metal weights:…htm

    Try here for 50Kg vinyl:…htm

    Decent brand, but don't know if 50Kg will be enough for you.

    Multigym style things are quite cheap too these days. Consider these:…htm

    [for this, you'd need to add the barbell set as well...]

    Or for the complete set, you could consider this, as it gets good reviews:…970

    Hope it helps.

    Original Poster

    Many thanks, good sir.

    I'll take a look at the York ones. Can anybody credit/discredit the quality of the vinyl ones?

    I have vinyl ones similar to those and to be honest, there's a tiny little bit of slop where the sand moves a smidgen when you lift and where the weights aren't held close enough to the barbell to stop them rotating around when you lift. On my set there's also a plastic sleeve around the [rusting] metal bar which allows the bar and weights to rotate! [that might be normal, I don't know]

    This puts me off balance a little, but I don't know if this would be the case with the metal ones as well.

    I actually prefer the weight machines to loose weights - less chance of injury and easier to work on specific muscles, but they take up so much space and are expensive.

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    Thanks for that. I'll probably invest in some cast iron or chrome ones.

    I already have a multigym, but the problem is I need to do deadlifts and so on, which can't be done on it. I can benchpress and the like on the multigym, but there are some exercises which need free standing weights.

    Thanks again for your help, I'll keep scouting around for a good deal, cast iron/chrome ones are taking my eye at the moment.


    I got a multigym too, your better of having a standalone bench and dumbells, as anything that needs a barbell can be adapted, better off going with iron, I got chrome, purely cosmetic though, cast iron are cheaper and vinyl are way to tacky and are tripe.
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