Barbie and the Diamond Castle

Found 19th Jun 2009
I am in desperate need of a Barbie Diamond Castle playset for my twin daughters third birhtday. Just wondered if anybody on here had one and would be willing to sell? There is one on ebay but they will not post it. Looking around these are not very cheap anymore and I've seen prices of upto $499 which scares me slightly. Any help would be much appreciated.
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oh I figured it's this 1 now,doesn't seem to be any around online.
yeah it is the second one. Absolutely must get it, my wee girls want it so much and as I am the best Dad in the world(apparently) they'll be expecting me to work my magic. I have only found them in america for $499 which is about $399 out of my price range lol got my uncle who is working in China to check the local toy shops for me, i'm assuming tha's where it'll be getting made, IF it's still in production!

Thanks Mum2Connor&Cerys for taking the time and effort to help.
I even think I'll rep ya for it
can u believe the cost of these things though... a few bits of plastic that prolly wont last that long either....

might be better to get a normal castle made of wood or something and then paint it up and use stickers to disney/barbie-fy it.
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