Barcelona hotel

Hi all,
Can anyone recommend a good hotel to stay in Barcelona?

In the city, close to the bars etc ideally.

£300-£350 max really.

Travelling dates will be 30th March - 3rd April

Thanks in advance.



We went to Barcelona last year & rented out a private apartment. It was a really nice flat in a central location, near the Irish bar. The only negative that I would say is that the bathroom had no windows so was not as fresh as at home, very clean though. The cost was a fraction of staying in a hotel & was more homely with Sky TV etc.....

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Many thanks.

I've been on ryanair/easyjet/bmi baby hotels and some on there seem really nice.

I'd pay up to £400 if it was quite luxury, like sea view, spas etc.

I've been told that La Ramblas is the place to stay because of the night life.

When I went we stayed ]Here

Great location right on Las Ramblas, although looking at the room types we had a Junior Suite (which I dont remember booking) but it was two years ago.

We have gone there a couple of weeks ago and stayed here Hotel Gran Ducat Barcelona and we booked here easytobook.com/en/…na/

We were very surprised on arrival as the hotel was very nice with good clean rooms with very nice on suites.

It was only 1 minute walk to the metro and a short walk to Las Ramblas and the Arc De Triomf which is where the coach station is.

We got a return coach from the airport to the Barcelona coach station and walked the 5 Min's to the hotel no problem. There are taxis outside the station if you need them.

We had a great time and would go there again.

la ramblas get a apartment and also there are a lot of pickpockets there so be careful!

Try the H10 Montcada, great location in the Gothic Quarter, close to the Ramblas, although if you look on Trip Advisor ignore the comments from the dumb Yanks blaming the hotel for them being pickpocketed, hardly the hotels fault that a fat yank cant hang on to his wallet.

I go to Barce 5 times a year with work and have never had any trouble what so ever.

There arent that many pickpockets any more, the Guarda, have clamped down on them and on a recent visit I saw some rough justice being handed out by the guarda to a pickpocket. Not like our cops at all.
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