Barcelona - tips??!

    afternoon all,

    Has anyone got any general money saving tips/advice/vouchers/coupons for Barca?

    With the euro pretty much crashing any savings would be nice. I've seen they have a Barcelona trip card that gets you into some tourist things for free -


    Pick pockets are mega there. Seriously!!



    Pick pockets are mega there. Seriously!!

    yeah, really bad around las ramblas

    OP, get the AA Barca Guide book. Its superb.

    Mega expensive city so avoid the real tourist hotspots for eating / drinking. you'll get fleeced!


    Pick pockets are mega there. Seriously!!

    +1 +2 +3 +4 +5

    Best tip ever.

    Pick pocketting happening to someone in your party is as likely as the sun coming up.

    I just came back from a stag do there :x

    A lot of the touristy stuff is quite cheap or free anyway. Learn how to use the metro system, buy multi journey passes and watch your bags/pockets

    camp nou!

    -Personally i love the place and have never had any problems........enjoy:thumbsup:

    There's loads of stuff you can do for free, just wandering around and looking at the architecture.
    The Boqueria is nice for a visit as well as being a good place to get some reasonable food.
    Parc Guell is free and really nice; in fact there are a few nice parks to wander around. You can play table tennis on the outdoor tables if you have bats (we bought some in Decathlon, was good fun). I like the Born area too which is one of the oldest parts of the city, and the area around the Cathedral.
    A guide book is the best way ahead; then you can plan an itinerary. Look at as well, that is full of excellent reviews on all aspects of the city.

    Side streets off Las Ramblas are reasonably cheap to eat

    Marina has a few nice restaurants but they charge alot for the priviledge

    Trip to the Nou Camp is good too :thumbsup:

    Hola !! Went to Barcelona 2 weeks back for a 3 day trip and fully enjoyed it...Didnt have any trouble with pickpockets though everyone warned me a lot abt them and it helped that I was well prepared...

    Top 5 places to consider visiting with my thoughts/comments on the same
    a) Gaudi's architecture is everywhere - just walk through the city and enjoy it... if you still need to drop in and check some spots, I'd suggest La Pedrera and not the Sagrada Familia.. the latter can be enjoyed from outside, going in costs you money and its mostly under construction now...
    b) Parc Guell, as someone mentioned above, is free and is lovely
    c) Walk along the sea front... this is the area which has changed most thanks to the Barcelona Olympics.. very nice pleasant walk in the evening
    d) Take the funicular to Mt Montjuic and if possible, catch the fountains... walk back down thru the steps at Palau Nacional coming down to Espana..
    e) Lastly, no trip to BARCA is complete without a visit to Camp Nou.. I saw Barca bt Getafe 2-0 with goals from messi, xavi and 2 red cards :-)

    T-10 metro tickets offer a lot of flexibility....get familiar with the metro, as someone pointed out above...
    Food is quite expensive at the touristy places
    Best to refer to a couple of guidebooks to underatand more about Barca and then pick what appeals to you...

    Hope you have as much fun as we did !!


    d) Take the funicular to Mt Montjuic and if possible, catch the … d) Take the funicular to Mt Montjuic and if possible, catch the fountains... walk back down thru the steps at Palau Nacional coming down to Espana..

    Forgot that bit! Well worth it :thumbsup:

    The fountains at night are well worth a visit - pick pockets are in every majot city, I didnt have a problem with this when I visited barcelona, was worse when I visited Rome. If you like football you will like the Nou Camp, I was bored but OH loved it. Plus we went to the olympic stadium.

    I didn't use the card, but when I have in other cities I work it out on the basis of what does it include and work out the places you visit if you would save money using the card. Most cards usually come with a guidebook and you usually get discounts off restaurants etc.
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