Barclaycard give it a try I got £20

    Phoned Barclaycard to cancel my existing account as I hardly used it anymore.
    At one time it had extended warranties on electrical purchases (extra year free).

    With the new charges cropping up everywhere did not want caught out paying for something I never used.

    On the phone the agent asked why I was leaving as I was a good customer of long standing. I replied no benefit`s anymore as some one who settles their bill every month in full and the imminent spectre of yearly fees with charges appearing around every corner. I was off.
    In answer to my statement she asked what the main benefits of my most used creditcard. Cashback said I. The retort from the agent!!
    Barclaycard is introducing a cash back scheme in the summer. If I would "hold fire".
    Their words not mine. They would send me twenty pounds of bonus bonds and a list of retailers they could be used with and they would not impose any charges for non- use of the card.

    NOT a lot of money I admit and probably spend £200 with the barclaycard to get £20 back but better than nothing

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