Barclaycard pre application check (doesn't leave a credit search on your credit file)

Found 19th Oct 2009
Just a heads up everyone

You can now check if your credit rating is good enough for a Barclaycard online without going through a full credit search and damaging your file.

Apply for a Barclaycard with more confidence
If you want added confidence your Barclaycard application will be approved before you apply, you can check your likely eligibility with our new pre-application check - without the need to make a full application.

Barclaycard is the first credit card company in the UK to use this unique system. A search footprint is left on your credit file, to show your information has been accessed, but as this isnt a formal credit application it wont affect your ability to get credit in the future.
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Good to know.
Very useful, surprised its taken this long to get it!
Worth doing the credit expert tried to cancel they were fine but said before you do cancel you need to link ALL your old address's which is holding back your credit .. very happy with that service still going to cancel before end of 30days lol
This is a "deal" in precisely what way?
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