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Barclays And Post Office Help?

Posted 2nd Dec 2011
Wanting to pay some money in to my barclays bank but needs to go into my account today. Just wondered if you can pay at post office? And if so will it go straight into my account? Thankyou
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Here's a thought

Ask Barclays?
You can pay into the post office but it won't go into your account today, if fact it takes a few days longer than if you went to a Barclays branch.

If you pay in cash or cheques, you should use a personalised paying-in slip and you must allow an extra two working days for the credit to reach your account. The normal cheque clearing cycle will only start from when the credit reaches your account.
Of course it won't, you are paying into the post office and not a Barclays branch!
Send me the money via PayPal gift and I will ensure it gets to your bank account today
I have a co-operative account and if I pay money in at the post office it shows up instantly. I can also get balances too.
Barclays may be different though looking at THIS link.
Some helpful info about accessing bank accounts at the Post Office can be found HERE
Hope this helps.

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