Found 8th Nov 2008
My 9 year old son has just found a cheque he was given by his grandparents for his birthday at the end of May!

Does anyone know how much time you can have a cheque for before it runs out, it use to be 3 months years ago, but am sure it changed, thanks in advance for any replys.

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6mths officially, but some banks are more lenient (same thing happens to me all the time)

3 months i think

put it in the machine. the halifax uses them. its automated so it doesnt read the info.


Sigma is corrent, it is 6 months.

It's 6 months so get it paid in quick and you'll be fine. Although having said that, unless the cashier is being ultra good that day, they probably wouldn't notice it was out of date and then it would be in the system and fine, but like I said, as long as you pay it in by the end of November you're OK anyway.

There is no official time limit on a cheque, as it is a signed bill of exchange. However most Banks do have a rule of thumb of 6 months, mainly because you would have thought a cheque would have been deposited during this period.

I'm sure you will have no probs paying this into the little fella's account

i thought it was 6 months
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