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Barclays funds transfer on a Saturday

Posted 13th Aug 2008
Can anyone who banks with Barclays tell me if a transfer is made from one Barclays account to another, at a weekend whether the funds will transfer straight away?
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yes it will be instant no matter when you do it
I think it should go straight away if its to Barclays... and by the end of the day if its another bank. It would take longer however for building societies!! I think they implemented a new system in June, where banktransfers are made intsantly to other banks as well!!

yes it will be instant no matter when you do it

Thanks Zeus, repped
i think it wud take at least 3 workin days

i think it wud take at least 3 workin days

What makes you say that?

i think it wud take at least 3 workin days

Not Barclays to Barclays. 3 working days is a BACS payment which is internet transfers and non CHAPS payments (which is a same day transfer but no guarantee on time; close of business usually).
Barclays to Barclays can process an internal transfer between accounts. Reason being is that the bank can see whether the funds are infact in ones account before sending it to another.
It doesn't make any difference, the funds will not be available in the other account until Monday. Banking is Mon - Fri regardless of whether a branch or call centre is open at the weekend.
Ok, so now I'm really confused...

I bank with First Direct (HSBC) if I transfer money to my sister who is also with First Direct, the transfer happens immediately and the funds are instantly available. This applies whatever time the transfer happens weekend, middle of the night etc.

Are Barclays the same or onot

Can anyone who knows for sure confirm please?

I'm with Natwest and when I do NW to NW transfers on a weekend it is instant although it shows on my statement as happening on the Monday so I would presume others are the same.

EDIT: I'm sure it was the same with my old Halifax account too.
Well I have done barclays and natwest... Transfer of funds between accounts in Natwest is done instantly, irrespective of day. They will appear on your balance at any ATM. They do however stay in a "holding state" ie the bank has the right of some kind to withdraw those funds if your payment has not gone through. This is not an issue for online transfers as such, because the money leaves your account instantly, and will get to the receivers account and there is no way of recalling it without going through your bank. The same is the case of Barclays... within accounts, it is instant!! ie Barclays to Barclays!!! irrespective of day!!

Now comes the new bit. Recently as in July 08, Banks have also introduced a new system for transfers between banks. ie Natwest to Barclays and so on. This is now instant/within 2hrs as well!! and for free. I think its what used to be called BACS!! But I dont know if money is transferred over weekends? and if all banks have implemented it... i know some building societies havent!!

As You have transferred from one Barclays to another Barclays acoount, it should be instant!!
Yes barclays to barclays is instant. It doesn't matter what time or day or day of week it is. I have done this many times including the weekend so i know it's an instant transaction
Thanks again Zeus, sound like at least you're talking from experience rather than guessing...:thumbsup:
if it is over £2000.00 its take 3 days its happen to me they told me they need verify the account

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