Barclays PINsentry - your thoughts?

    Hi all

    I've just got my barclays pin entry thingy in the post for my online banking, all looks a bit long winded to me, not read through it yet tho

    Anybody have thoughts on it??


    I've been using it for a while now, and i like it, nothing long winded about it, you still need to remember the long number at the start, then enter last four digits of card, slip card in reader type in pin code and the it gives you your pass code.
    I like it, just checked account.
    Good luck

    Been using it for a while, and if it is more secure than the previous method of logging in then I am all for it!

    However, the only problem is if you are away from home, or abroad and need to do some internet banking, you have to have your card reader with you, which is a pain!!!!

    Original Poster

    thats the thing i was thinking of nat, i often check mine at my sisters, so that wont be so easy now, but i guess the saftey of it is more important
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