Barclays Taking the ____

Customer for 30yrs, never had a problem before. It might seem trivial to most, but am fed up with these eejits lately.
They have texted me again today (this is the 3rd card in as many months) that they are issuing a new debit card.

No explanation as to why (If they are concerned shouldn't I be informed to prevent further occurrences?)
No detail on which company/transaction has caused the concern.
No information as to which account or which card?
You can ring the number but they wont tell you anything. They've blocked a few purchases too (yr ago before the card reissuing stupidness), they blocked a misprice once so I was not at all happy with that.

Sent a complaint off, so who should I move my account to?..Or are they all doing the same.


Nationwide would probably be your best bet, though there are others to consider too.

TSB and Tesco Bank have a 3% interest rate on £1,500 and £3,000 respectively.

I think TSB are also offering up to £10 monthly cashback for new customers too. £5 for doing 20 debit card payments a month and another £5 for having 2 Direct debits to different companies.

makes no difference....fraud is the real culprit.

I moved my Barclays account to Nationwide...
Their mobile and internet bank not good as Barclays but overdraft is much cheaper and for £10 a month you can get best packed account with EU breakdown cover

Barclays kept blocking my debit card and after spending an hour on the phone waiting to get through to a foreign call center, it was because I bought lottery tickets.
Stolen/duplicated cards are often used on gambling sites apparently.

I dont even know why anyone uses these crooks?

Convicted of rigging LIBOR, FX rates and mis-selling customers unnecessary products which have caused financial ruin for some.

Seriously why do poeple use Debit Cards? less protection on purchases and more of a worry if crims get your number.

Credit Card gives more protection on purchases and less worry if crims get your card, and interest free if you pay off the full amount.
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Damn them, blocking potential fraudulent transactions to protect your money and then sending you new cards and notifying you they are on their way to keep you updated. All of this for free (unless you're daft and go overdrawn)

All that hassle, you've got to put the old card in the bin and then replace with the new one. How dare they!

Loads of reasons a new card could be on the way, could have dodgy transactions but then they would have got in contact, could be a card from a bad batch that has potential to play up, the chip could be read as being faulty somewhere, could be due to numerous things on your account, etc etc. Not really the end of the world.

I am also on something like my third Barclays debit in a year. From what I can tell it's because a card reader somewhere has reported that the card is faulty or damaged.

My guess is that you shop somewhere that has a reader that's either faulty and reporting your card or it's damaging the card. My personal suspicion that that there's a dodgy reader at my local Iceland that has randomly failed to read my card a few times.

My Mastercard has text me today to say due to problems with contactless they will be issuing me a new card, I thought that was good of them and saved me a call to report it

I was with Barclays for 25 years and never missed a payment on anything. Perfect credit rating and knew most of the local staff. Went in and asked for a mortgage 3 years ago and the best they offered me was 5.5% but wouldn't lend me enough to buy my house.

Santander offered me 3.14% and 15k more than i needed. Switched everything to them and couldn't be happier and yet Barclays, and Barclycard for that matter STILL send me letters saying as a valued customer i have been pre approved etc etc for this or that deal and haven't been with them for 3 years. Genuinely a useless bunch.

I'd avoid Nationwide like the plague.
My daughter had her card stolen, so it was stopped and replaced. One day she went to get money out and her balance was zero. She went in to ask what was going on and it appears that someone has set up a couple of direct debit on her account for car loans.
She explained that was nothing to do with her, they acknowledged this but wouldn't do anything to rectify it. She lost nearly £200.

They changed her bank account, new account number etc. A few months later the same thing. She had no loans, doesn't even drive. The bank again acknowledged that it 'may have automatically corrected the bank account number on the existing direct debit'.
So what was the point of the new account?

She's with a different bank now, with no problems.

Original Poster

Received the new card today, It's the account I use for my business which I've only used once when I was on holiday, staying at a Premier Inn and I used my card to make a purchase on my phone. I've made those purchases from the same company for 2 years.

They probably thought, different IP, must be fraud!
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