Bare Hard Drive Storage Case

    Hi Does anyone know where I can get a Bare hard drive storage case in the UK?

    I've got quite a few 1tb drives without caddies and I want to keep them that way as I use them with my hot swap caddie in my pc
    The sort of thing I'm looking for is here :][…jpg

    Need to take 3.5" drives btw

    Can only see this sort of thing on oversea sites.



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    heers dcx, worth bearing those in mind for when i need to carry just one around with me,

    Well, I've found the case…tml

    Just need to find the foam insert that holds the 10 hard drives now

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    cheers tyke, went to my local Maplin this evening to look at some of the cases, the rugged ones looked ok but the foam inserts were very soft and really cheap, so I've just order a Pelican 1450 with custom made inserts from america, was expensive but as i'm going to be putting 10 x 2TB drives in there it's gonna be worth it should it be dropped or get wet.

    As seen here :

    wow, thats some data you will be carrying!!

    Good luck

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    lets just say i've got a hell of alot of data to backup (and to think i was going to use duel layer discs)

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