Bare Knuckle 3 (Streets Of Rage 3 Japanese version) patched version

    I never played SOR3 as a kid as it was rare so about £30 second hand, and played the rom of the US version but its VERY hard and the script is quite bad and they censored it in quite a few ways.

    Just found out theres a translated version of the Japanese port which has easier difficulty, the original intro that was taken out and a new script dealing with nuclear bombs as well as the 1st boss being a stereotypical gay man!

    The game is more fun IMO so just a heads up to people, just google it to find the patch.


    So you have to patch the ROM?

    My Collectors BN3 v

    Tried Google but the patch does not work on my ROM

    EDIT: I see the ROM has to be in .bin format - Sorted :thumbsup:

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