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    Can anyone tell me what a barebone system is, i've seen them on the aria web page but dont have a clue what they are.


    I have a barebone system and it has got a tiny motherboad and looks like this:
    It was very difficult to put the processor and other components in as it is very small however its really practical it comes with a backpack and you can take it anywhere

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    so it's not a base unit of some kind,

    wanting a base unit that will not go online but hold The Sims for daughter,

    aren't barebones systems just the basics of a computer, like it wont have memory, cpu or such, it'll just be the case + motherboard and a few other bits

    i.e. , the "barebones" of a computer

    Don't buy from Aria!!

    You'll be okay if you actually get what you want. But if you receive something faulty it'll be a [email protected] to get customer services to do anything about it! I've recently experienced this myself and if you do a quick search on google using 'aria customer service' you'll find I'm not the only one! I wish I'd searched around beforehand because I wouldn't have purchased from a company with County Court Judgements against them!!

    Barebones systems are just a base unit with minimal components

    Take a look at these from Novatech For a better idea of barebones bundles.

    Typically barebones are nothing more than case with motherboard. In many cases, motherboard is custom; some have CPU onboard (sometimes even soldered), memory and optical drive. Sort of halfway assembled Lego

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    cheers for all the info guys
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