Barebones PC wanted

    I have built myself a couple of PCs in the past and fancy another go (I work in computers and like to keep my hand in).

    I have an genuine OEM copy of Windows Vista (I know about all the problems with Vista but want to build a Vista PC).

    I am looking for a barebones PC with decent case, motherboard, memory, CPU etc.

    I am happy to fit the SATA hard disk, graphics card, CD drive etc

    Dont want a cheapo package, but dont need top-of-the-range either.

    Anyone suggest one, or give me some web sites to look at.



    Last time I built my own PC I used a moterboard/processor/memory kit from komplett which was good value at the time - this was a few years ago now though so not sure about value now:


    I'm currently considering a new PC purchase and not sure to get pre-built or build my own as I can get Vista Business/XP Pro, office etc supplied for free through work, so any other pointers would be welcome by me as well:thumbsup:

    Novatech do good deals, you can use Quidco to make it a little cheaper too…tml
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