Bargain Beanm Bags?

    Can any of you dig up some good deals for either a nice big bean bag chair thing or an inflatable arm chair / sofa doodad.

    Its an odd request i know, but Ive just re arranged my room for my Wii, and cant perch on my bed anymore =) at the moment im using my computer chair, but I'd like something a little more comfy (and cheap).

    Thanks in advance \o/


    This company have a sale on at the moment:…asp

    Other than that good old Argos have quite a big range here:…=13

    Or lastly why don't you make one ? They are a doddle to make and you can then get exactly the size and design you want.

    Good luck ! :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thnks a bunch for the links, and now you mention it, making one really isnt a bad idea! Theres not much that can go wrong he he. Just a case of finding the polystyrene beads to fill it with...

    Original Poster

    Huzzah! cheers =)

    my mum bought a beanbag identical to this…spx

    For £10 from wollys in the sale
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