Bargain Crazy are a Nightmare!!!

    I bought a new tv off them on 12th november which arrived on the 27th but was definitely not new & picture was terrible!
    They got their couriers to collect it on 2nd dec & still no refund a couple of weeks later! They said their couriers had taken it to the wrong place & then on the 18th dec they sent me an email saying they refunded me but no refund was received so i phoned them yet again & they said it could take up to 10 working days to receive the refund depending what bank you are with! i checked my bank account online last night & they have only refunded me for the postage & not the tv & the date that they paid that was the 22nd dec not the 18th as they had said!!!!!!

    phoned them again & they are looking in to it & will phone me back straight away - that was half an hour ago!!!


    Always pay via Credit Card, that way you can do chargebacks.

    you can also do chargebacks with some debit cards.

    doesnt sound good to me...hope you get your cash back

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    you can also do chargebacks with some debit cards.

    is there a time limit on this though? :? they've had my money since 12th november :-(

    just phoned them again & the woman is still looking in to it :x

    time limit is 120 days and IIRC it must be a visa debit card (others may offera similar scheme i don't know)

    details here…jsp
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