Found 3rd Jun 2010
i cannot believe somebody wants coldf hard cash for this! wat an amazing bargain NOT!!!! E bay item number 110539839973 sorry cant work out how to add link lol

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What car?? lol

well its not written off so it could be restored.... i wouldnt like to be the one doing it though o.O

its these kinda cars that people buy and repair to look as good as new, but do a botch job with welding and similar so in a crash the car would just rip apart.

wow lol how is it not a write off?!

Original Poster

car was uninsured so no point speaking to insurance company.i imagine some urchin will buy the car for its identity and steal a matching golf hey presto shiny golf at fraction of price lol

i didnt think it looked too bad from the back.... then i clicked on the front picture!!

No chance that will be back on the road again.
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