Bargain Junkies Are Beating Retailers at Their Own Game

A long article on "Retail Hacking"…l/1


That article is a bit Americanized, but the ideology s there

I am not a big fan of Groupon personally as its not really stuff i need and its never near me, and it lures you in, i prefer something more like this that allows me to find deals and offers/vouchers of things i am actually targeting..whats the point on spending money on something you didn't want in the first place.

An $80 dolloar shop that cost $1.80 after coupons, but then she gets refunded for an overcharge on red peppers and comes out with a net cash gain! Wow. Mind you I am never too happy with coupon people on front of me in a shop. New respect.

Good read. Thanks for posting.

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