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    hi there guys... i've been in and around the site for a while, checking out the deals mostly. And after building my own pc a few weeks ago i was thinking about building my own laptop, but i've decided to go out and buy myself a shinny new one. only problem is that there isnt much money to spend so am looking for a really low priced laptop. i dnt need all the fancy stuff, just the basics which will allow me to possibly upgrade this and that in the future.

    i'm looking for a laptop with atleast a gig of RAM (hopefully with space for upgrade). a dvd+-RW. graphics are not important because i'm not a big game player, just enough to get a quality picture when watchin a dvd. wireless internet would be nice but not essential. oh and it must look new and shinny :thumbsup:

    budget; a handsome £300.

    help is MUCH appreciated



    [url][/url] or dell outlet (i got a dell for £338 last year with excellent spec for the money)


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    cheers ben... noticed a few reasonably priced laptops there... especiallly the hewlett packard 510 for £299.97. a bit small on RAM but i love widescreens

    any more?

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    come on guys... am sure thers good laptops out there for my budget :thumbsup:

    anyone seen any?

    cheers :-D
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