Bargain mothers day present ideas please

    I had the perfect gift and had bought some bargain thorntons chocolates just before christmas. The best before date was very poor so I returned them and was assured that they would send me some more, for the same price, nearer the time when I phoned up. Guess what I have just phoned up and they don't stock them anymore and if I wanted a similar replacement they would cost me another £60. No thank you. After lots of moaning they have now refunded me the price and the £7 postage!!
    That now leaves me with the problem of what to buy my mum!! Anyone?? I normally spend around £20


    She carried you for nine months,She went through the agony of child birth,Fed you and clothed you for all those years and all you spend is £20
    Iusually spend about £25

    If she like gardening they got some good offers at [url][/url] but they do take about a week to deliver so you will have to order fast. Good luck

    Bake her her favourite cake, or make her favourite dessert. Much better than buying stuff. My daughter paints me pictures in acrylic paint and she is very good. Nice, lasting presents.

    i got some perfumes i was trying to sell at valentines if you interested i can re-post the thread…r-m

    posted this just now

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    Thanks for the help, I've had a nosey but there is nothing she is really into. Might have another look around the Debenhams site unfortunately she doesn't wear perfume and isn't in to gardening. Thank you anyway. Rep to all

    My niece who is 12 has bought her Mum a handbag and some Heroes chocs,i've also got her a silver necklace and a hairdryer to put with them.

    I would go for a handbag:thumbsup:
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