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Found 28th Oct 2009

Need to purchase a designer watch for my dad the likes of Tag Heuer. Anyone know a bargain place on the net?


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Please clarify, do you mean designer (eg D&G, Versace and the like) or 'proper' marques (eg TAG Heuer, Omega etc)?

not sure where you are based in the UK. But if you can get to Bicester Village in oxfordshire. Not only is it a great day out, but there is also a tag heuer outlet where the watches are significantly discounted.

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sorry, to be specific its the Tag Heuers I am after and I am based in Manchester.

Well, ]precisiontime.co.uk does TAG Heuer at less than RRP but you may be as well trying a few local jewellers and asking for their best price, it can't do any harm. I got over £100 off a good few years ago on £1300 list and £75 off in 2006 on £475 list (proper makes too) from two different jewellers in London.

Also consider a top condition classic. Have a look at ]http//ww…htm for some great examples. This may be a particularly good move for a dad as I guess he's likely to be of an age for whom the slightly older designs carry more appeal.

Like this for example


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Thanks mate but may dad is after the formula 1 type watch or infact i want him to buy him formula 1 range so its not too aged in comparison with others as it has a class and a bit of a bling at the same time.

You are right no harm in checking local jewellery shops as they may be able to beat high street stores like Goldsmiths, Beavers etc.

Ah, ok. Then swisswatchesdirect.co.uk/swi…tml for £490


There are many more on that site which, after some careful investigation, does appear to be completely legitimate.

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thanks I stumbled upon this site this morning and was going to leave a comment here to enquire about its reliability etc..what aspects did you look?

It seems to be a firm that does source watches from authorised dealers, from some accounts on the European mainland (eg Slovakia).

Still, the timepieces themselves are the same wherever you get them from so I guess that we should just be grateful that the same price is not charged everywhere for them.

Technically, this makes the watches second hand but in all respects you should expect condition to be the same as new.

The fact that you can pay by credit card is a good indication that this is no here today gone tomorrow outfit.
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