Bargain used swimming pool? Help!

Hi everyone :grin: I've been trying to get some last minute advice with buying a ]Doughboy Sand Dollar II 48" Deep 32' Oval Swimming Pool on eBay it was listed a few days ago but didn't sell. Now the seller has removed the reserve and put it back on for 1 day only!!!! {think he has a buyer but I am also interested} I've worked out the pool + heater + pump and other stuff would cost over £8000 to buy new. The sand filter looked a bit leaky on the photo but seller has told me this is just the gasket. Is it a bargain or should I buy new? Help!!!!! :confused:


Just moved the thread here as I think you'll get more help. Sorry I can't help on this one!

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thanks, there are no good swimming pool newsgroups so I thought I'd try here. All the swimming pool retailers say I shouldn't waste money buying second hand but they would say that :lol: this looks too good a bargain...8)

I would be very cautious, quite a few alarm bells are ringing:-
Paypal, Cheque or Postal Order only. Why not Cash on collection??????
The Paypal fees alone would be nearly £70.00. NO Paypal buyer protection.
Postal order cost would be very very high.
Cheque clears and what guarantee do you have you will receive it?

Why is his feedback private?
Bidders ID private, Why???

IMO buy new, safer and you get a guarantee.

He bought this item:- 8821523117 and then sold it just under 3 weeks later:-8829580044, nothing wrong with buying things and selling them even if you do lose money but he used three of the original picture and put HIS name in them. He did include a picture of his own. He may have asked the original seller first but why did he pass them off as his?
What I'm saying is, is the pool for sale by him or has he copied a listing?

I'm a very suspicious person by nature so it could just be me and there's nothing wrong.

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thanks for the warnings. How did you see he resells items, his feedback is private. Do you work for eBay?

From looking at the auction it looks fine. Yes the Feedback is private but you can read all the comments and they're all positive (+127).

Only 19mins left though....

No I don't work for ebay but I know how to check private feedback. I know ebay very well and I know how some scams work. I'm not saying this is a scam but be very wary.
You check the things he has bought and sold.

You could ask him why he will not take cash on collection.

Feedback also now appears to be public too...

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He seems genuine, i emailed to ask him why he has private feedback and he said it was for his own privacy. He very kindly agreed to make it public for the end of the auction. Nice guy.

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Bottled it. :cry: someone bought it though. good luck to them.

Sorry if I put you off getting a 'good' deal. I would not have bid on it. Best to be safe than sorry.
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