Found 5th Feb 2009
Hi all, I wondered if anyone could helpme. I have been loooking for a new cordless landline dual phone with ansa machine for a while now and have found a website called The prices are really good and I wondered if anyone had ever had any dealings with them before???
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I'm a bit puzzled as to why you want an answerphone, seeing as there is that feature on the phone network anyway.
Ah Yes I get your point.....But my phone line is provided by talktalk and every time Iring the customer services ortry to request their voicemail thingy like BT have got I have to spend up to 45 minutes on the phone trying to get through. So it is just easier to have an answerphone. For some reason I cant access my talktalk account on their website and have spent TIME trying to sort it. Hopeless they are.... but the contract continues until this time next year
I'm on TalkPoo too and don't think I had to set it up.
Try dialing 1571 and see what happens.
Good luck.
Oh okay!!! am doing it now! ................It says "sorry you are not subscribed to this service" Plop!!!
Thankyou thought, the thought was there!! :thumbsup:
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