Barky does masterchef

    For my starter,I will be doing heinz tomato soup.

    For my main,spaghetti hoops with a side dish of toast.

    For dessert,a cornetto.

    Then I will punch greg wallace square on the nose

    Think I could win??


    Punch both those judges on the nose and you can have my vote:thumbsup:


    you forgot the pot noodle

    Original Poster


    you forgot the pot noodle

    I was saving that for round two:p

    Under seasoned:-D

    Can you also ask them why they think that everything needs to have salt and pepper on.
    Its all they every say "not enough seasoning", "needs more salt"
    Who decided that everything taste better with salt and pepper when we only used to but salt on things to persevre them.
    It really annoys me.

    If you stick the cornetto on the punched nose, you'll get my vote as well.:-D

    Is it just me or did wallace invent a title for himself? Ingredients expert? WTF is that?
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