Barky junior returns from China-loaded with souveniers

    So she is back-they did tianamen square,the hot springs at xian,pagoda,olympic stadium,overnight train trip,the summer palace,great wall,forbidden city,sacred road,temple of heaven and a whole lot more!

    900 photos she took! almost half a suitcase full of souveniers which she is sorting out at the moment-she seems to have had an absolute ball-mrs barky is just glad to have her home-there were soo many parents in tears at the airport(theyve only been away a week!),everyone came out of the arrivals gate dressed in panda hats and carrying stuffed pandas.

    The teachers did look fairly worn out tho-I take my hat of to em-40 kids in tow must be a nightmare!


    Lol, sounds like she had a lovely time!

    And good on you for letting her go/ paying for her trip. I know when I was at school they weren't cheap-especially not after spending money etc.

    Glad she had a good time, perhaps post some of her best ones on here-never been to China myself.

    Come on then, what did she buy you? x

    did she bring the heroin back safe and sound?


    sounds like a good trip!

    teacher probably looked worn out due to the constant calls from mrs barky in the middle of the night haha

    Original Poster


    did she bring the heroin back safe and sound?lolsounds like a good trip!

    lol-she has brought an amazing amount of abercrombie and fitch stuff-apparently its quite cheap over there:whistling:
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