Barney the dinosaur duvet cover - where can i get one?

Found 22nd May 2011
Hi I am looking to buy my niece a barney the dinosaur duvet cover as she is mad about him and thought it would be a great theme to encourage her to sleep in her own bed.

I have had a look online and the only place that seems to have them is ebay and they are pretty pricey 40-50 pounds plus delivery, which is expensive for a child's single duvet.

Another option someone suggested to me was to get a plain duvet and use a colour transfer - any idea how much one of these would cost for an A2 image in colour.
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There's one on eBay but it's A5 size (14cm x 21cm) 99p + 75p p&p.

Item number: 320560369253
£37.99 delivered on Ebay

Item number: 200609474906
Well spotted chock! Had a look on ebay and only could see a used on.
I doubt you'd get a new one.
cheers guys
I am selling a used one for 20.00 including delivery

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