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Barry Grainger car insurance - should I cancel? Bad reviews

Posted 11th Aug 2013
I found the cheapest car insurance with barry grainger. I didn't look up reviews of the company which I hadn't heard of before and now I'm thinking I maybe shouldn't have.

On this link reviewcentre.com/rev…tml majority of reviews are one stars and it seems like they had a awful experience. Just seems odd so many reviews are so low.

My policy doesn't start until 2 days. Would you cancel and look for a more known company to be on the safe side?
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Only a question you can answer in relation to cost against others, but, you're right those reviews would make me very cautious too.

Only a question you can answer in relation to cost against others, but, … Only a question you can answer in relation to cost against others, but, you're right those reviews would make me very cautious too.

Indeedee agreedee

I'm with them they ask for lots of documents but once they all provided there OK
I change insurers every year due to cost going up. I was with them no probs
Thank you. Ended up cancelling as had a email with loads of PDFs with info which was silly. Normally companies send it in the main body of the email or in the post. Maybe next time if they're the cheapest I'll be ready for it.
Oh no not Barry Grainger insurance.........They were terrible.I still have an ongoing complaint regarding they do not answer emails and clearly want you to ring the 0844 number so you pay for the call.There was no alternative number when I was insured with them last year.They are appalling.Take the money and no customer service.
Go elsewhere.
Worst insurance I have ever had doubled policy for 3 points which I thought wer off my licence then same as above had me on hold for nearly 2 hours total rip off con men
I took out my policy with them in October and have had nothing but trouble since. I posted out documents after documents that they never received, didn't return phone calls etc they are terrible and would never use them again!!! Absolute ball ache!
I took a policy out with BG and asked them about the poor reviews , they said that its only people that forget to put claims and convictions on their policy or don't bother to send the documents in. I have sent all docs in and i have had no trouble, saved £40 from my renewal too!
I was with them for 5 months, changed my car and they wanted a £100 fee! The quote they gave me over the phone on my new car was double what i was already paying even tho i got a quote online with them which wasnt much different to what i was paying. Deffo wouldnt reccomend them!! The phone team have bad attitude too
Best to avoid
As you say... too many document requests unnecessary, too much waiting times on 0844 numbers, silly clerical errors or calculated errors to find a way to charge you. They do not respond to you letters or emails accordingly. Rather pay another unsurer £100 / £200 more to avoid the all the mess
They are a complete and utter joke of a company! Do not insure with this pack of incompetent baboons
BG CAR INSURANCE- Went via the compare the market on 18/04 paid for it & then saw the 00000 for phone number & email address. Got an email on 24/04 saying that my policy document was attached to the email, the only thing attached was terms of Business document. Managed to get hold of them & amend phone & email, asked the person about the policy document which I was advised was in the post, also asked whether they need any paperwork from me & was advised that nothing was required.Missed the post for a couple of days & on coming back from work yesterday 01/05 had a letter dated 25/04 giving me 7 days cancellation notice. Called them today & exact reaction to so many other reviewers here. reviewcentre.com/rev…tml
Not my department,. Some one will call you, Someone did try to get hold of you but didn't leave message, Will deduct some money from you for 6 days of cover, Can';t send you email to confirm how much you will get back,. Accounts team will send you this email confirming this, you will get money in 3-5 working days.
his company is a complete joke, took 100 deposit off me on 2nd may and now 6weeks on still have not administwred my policy properly and are now asking me for documents they have never mentioned before I've had to phone them un excess if 10 times already and for a policy taken over the internet for ease is wholly unacceptable. Took 2 weeks for any documents to be sent to me howver they did send me a letter threatening cancellation as they could not verify me before they even tried to verify me! Even if they come up cheapest do yourself a favour and go elsewhere. Utter joke.
glad i read this site,was about to go with these for cheaper insurance on my rs turbo. thanks again.
I think you should cancel and even if it costs a little more, go elsewhere!
BG are undoubtedly the worst insurance company I have ever used. they don't respond to any eamils you send them, whenever you ring them the person you request isn't in that day. if the person you want picks up the phone your policy has been passed to someone else who just happens to not be in that day. they put you on hold for hours. claim they haven't received documents you have sent 4 times!!
Just avaoid at all costs. they are the worst insurance company. pay a bit extra and go with someone who knows what they are doing.
never heard of big bad barry but sounds like the company is a sham.
If it's renewal can your previous insurer not try and price match?
This company are awful to deal with. Lots of questions and amendments to the policy after insurance has started which means i cant leave them (they want to charge me £250 even though ive only been technically insured for 30 days). Horrible company - heed the warnings and DO NOT INSURE WITH BARRY GRANGER!!!! (BG Insurance)

This company are awful to deal with. Lots of questions and amendments to … This company are awful to deal with. Lots of questions and amendments to the policy after insurance has started which means i cant leave them (they want to charge me £250 even though ive only been technically insured for 30 days). Horrible company - heed the warnings and DO NOT INSURE WITH BARRY GRANGER!!!! (BG Insurance)

Damn. Bet you wish you'd seen this thread earlier. I managed to read about it in time for a refund. Their whole practice is scary. They send attachments by email. Could easily miss them. Gotta be every wary.
Having worked for this firm I would strongly advise anyone taking out insurance through them. They make their money through a number of deceitful tactics, and have very few morals about ripping decent people off. This is not helped by the fact that they employ 'children', who are poorly trained, poorly paid and to be quite honest couldn't give a damn about their job, but have nowhere else to go. Staff turnover is ridiculous, so don't expect to speak to the same person twice. On a positive note, they do offer very competitive motor insurance, but beware, you get what you pay for...
Bg insurance are an absolute joke,just cost me an extra £87.50 just to change my address,if though my car has private off road parking and a garage,previous had neither,new address on a brand new housing estate,quiet area,when I told them guy said it was fine new address wouldn't affect my original quote,they just called saying I live in a high risk area??what the hell,and want 87.50 what an absolute scam,no wonder they are cheap,claw there money back through things like this glad this is my last payment,I'm defo not renewing in november
Used to work for them , they bascily make their money on the calls to 08 numbers to them , and the fact they will cancel your Insurance policy for any reason they can find and charge you for the Pleasure .... Honestly stay away !!!
Everything with them is written down on paper not computerised to try and save money. Well save money yourself and don't go with them.
They even offerd me cheap Car Insurance on my Focus like really cheap on a Staff Deal and I still said No !!!! Take my honest advice and say No !!!
Mr X BG employee
£87.50 to change an address.Ask the authorities if that is fair and why are they not doing something about it.Makes the bank charges cheap
Mr X BG Employee.....this is great you are on here.Have you given the game away now you mentioned your Ford Focus?
Forget about that MI6 job now
I just bought a policy on 31-11-14 & will recev the documents as you all said lets see what i will get .
Bg insurance r liars and decievers making money from vulnerable customers, pretending they don't cover areas they can't explain or justify their actions and mistakes. The fsa should put them and their unqualified employees out of their misery. They are a joke to insurance companies
Anyone know how much they will charge for cancelation I ve taken my car insurance with them 10days ago, i also send them the proofs of my licence and no claim bonus but they didnt contact me. Today when i read these reviews i thought to contact them to find out about my insurance. On my asking they told me that they need more proof V5 form,utility bill as well.
Now i am so confused shell i get cancel or not.i ve send those documents as well but i only got 3more days to complete 14days . If i don't cancel it they may be ask for more proof and if any thing not get match then they will asked for more money. I already payed extra £87 on changing address.anyone advice me what shell i do???
Oh more unhappy customers who are using BG insurance.
1.Has anyone actually sent a letter or emailed direct through the Complaints process with them?
2.After going through the Complaints process did they then contact the FSA?
3.How did it go?
Iv just been told after 3months that my documents were blurred when sent n thats because i rang to add an additional driver which they will not allow until they receive my documents again! Even though they couldnt be bothered to tell me. They claimed they sent me an email but they checked and they didnt. They lie and I wish I had read these reviews first. now im stuck for a year. Never again and dont recommend to anyone either. All those documents are unecessary too.
Avoid these guys at all costs. Horrendous admin charges when you try and do any kind of change. Their premiums being lower is such a false economy - it will end up costing you more than other providers
Do not use this company, you will regret it big time. You will have nothing but stress and headache, for first 6-8 weeks with them. Your options will be pay up extra demands and hope that is the end of the matter, cancel yourself and end up losing most/all of your premium, or good old BG will terminate your policy anyway. A real no win for the customer.
The safest way of getting anything back is going through the Ombudsman but this takes time and lots of forwarding and back documents, letters ETC. The easiest thing to do is not use this company and only go with a bigger reputable known service.
PLease SEND WRITTEN COMPLAINTS TO financial Services Authority and or office of fair trading. That's what I did..... and they refunded my money back!!
Happy New Year everyone.Regarding my previous emails,anyone received their money back from BG via the Ombudsman then?Only a few I see.What ever it takes you go for it
BG Insurance........Idiots doesn't come close.......never received the Insurance documents, but they gladly take the money.
Phoned up ref recovery to be told not covered.....when asked why they hadn't sent me the full insurance documents so I could verify exactly what I was covered for miraculously "that's a glitch in the post sir!"......no it means you didn't send the docs so I would go past the 7 day cooling off period......Atleast Dick Turpin did it with a smile and a thank you.........!!!
Hi Guys

RE: BG insurance

I have used them on and off on different cars, returning to them when other's are more expensive. I used them for my driving school car and also private cars. There process is very strict when it comes to documentation, i really don't know why they need to ask for V5 and utility bills etc. All insurance company perform a soft credit search so they can confirm your identity anyway!

Ok the nitty gritty part, i send them documentation via email, no respond, so i think all is well, then i get a 14 day warning letter threatening to cancel my insurance if i do not provide documents. So i ring up again, they say resend it, i then emailed them again and ALSO sent via recorded delivery with a official complaint threatening with FSA action if they did not confirm my document's. A week later email received saying they have documents.

The funny thing is EVERY time i use them i need to get this complaint in before they do something. Obviously with insurance its like watching paint drying, i never had to claim using them, so cannot comment how well they are with that process but can't see problems as they are FSA registered.

The bottom line is they are a specialist broker and if you are struggling to get insurance or coming from trade to private NO other insurance company will convert your trade NCB to private but they will! They have have a lot of influence with there underwriters and hence can tailor the policy for you, something others will NOT do. Trust me THEY do help with regards to certain issues that OTHER insurance will simply say NO because there computer says NO lol!

They helped me out big time last year converting my driving school NCB to private, NO other insurers was willing to do what they did as they cannot speak to there underwriters directly like BG does. I already knew they will make me suffer with there documents procedure but hey once i threaten them with FSA again they tend to do what they suppose to do.

So it's this time again for renewal, they offered me renewal price £100 more than other's, £200 excess more than others but as soon as i asked for my NCB confirmation they matched the cheapest quotation. Unfortunately they missed out one important thing they didn't include commuting to work haha, very sneaky when they know i work!

Anyway IF all else fail, give them a try, be prepared for a fight, take names down when chatting, date, time etc, keep a log, READ all statements of fact before purchasing insurance ask them to send it via email (they are quick like that) and once you are happy send them documents to the person who you are dealing with before parting with money to save stress and hassle, then get them to confirm receipt of documents, then pay, easy!

I am in two minds at the moment, as when my house was burgled the thief took my spare car key, BG insurance refused to help as technically my car was not stolen, they said i should have taken out key cover but i didn't loose the keys it WAS stolen. Anyway i had the car's computer reprogrammed to delete the spare key at a cost of £100 from my own pocket glad i did as it meant i did not loose my NCB. The thief did come back though with no success, just shows what would have happened.
Hi guys - I used to be an employee at BG Insurance and I would not advise taking out a policy with them (Unless you have a massive fleet of vehicles and bags of money..then they might treat you well). I was put straight on the phones when I started, along with 3 other new people - their staff turnover is crazy - and I didn't even know what a "no claims bonus" was. I had never owned a car or driven one. The ridiculous amount of times I had to put those poor customers on hold was incredible, and I'm so sorry if that was any of you guys! I just didn't have a clue what I was doing, and nor did any of the other new people.

And we were told - you must pick the phone up in 3 rings. How the hell we were supposed to do that AND fill in the little comment updates on the system AND sign and send the hundreds of letters plonked on our desks every day AND remember all the departments' extension numbers AND then try to answer all the customers' questions about a policy I didn't understand or put them through to another department I don't know! I stayed late several times to try and finish updating the system with details of the phone calls, and then got told off for staying late...

I'm a fast learner, and I managed to teach myself the basics of people's policies. We were told in our "training" (ie two hours of shadowing someone on the phones) that we were supposed to help customers or put them through to another department. I quickly realised that putting them through to another department meant that nothing would get done with their policy as I'd get another call from them the next day. So I started to do my very best to help customers directly, including finding a little-used book of insurers' names and numbers to contact them directly myself and ask. I helped quite a few people this way and the relief in their voices was very evident. I was then told off by my manager because I wasn't putting them through to another department and therefore wasn't answering enough phone calls in the day. I explained to said manager that when I put them through to other departments, nothing happened and these people often had very important deadlines and would not be covered if these things weren't resolved. My manager's response was "That's not your problem."

Customer service is not BG Insurance's priority, money is. And just FYI to anyone wondering how they deal with claims - they don't deal with claims. Your claims will be dealt with directly by your insurer (not that half the people I explained this to knew who their insurer actually was, and didn't know that BG Insurance was a broker).

Most of the people you will talk to on the phone will be newbies who haven't been trained and just don't know what they're doing - if you do get a policy with them or have a policy with them, please be nice to these newbies, if you need something dealt with quickly, just ask for the manager straight away, at least they have some idea of what "no claims bonus" is. Just a quick note on how untrained we were - I saw a guy on his first month almost accidentally bin a whole bunch of customers' renewal insurance policies because no one explained to him which bins he was supposed to empty. -_- Do yourself a favour and go elsewhere.
BG insurance **** in ****............ pls dont any one insured this company.
I am not happy at all ! I insured my cars other insurance company never ask this lots this is ****.sorry to my self changed ur company. I will not recommend to any one.
ex employee. Disgraceful company. Don't train staff properly, 2 hours in to a new buisness and bang your on your own, staff get humiliated in front of other staff, by senior management. Things get hidden, clients docs are just thrown in the bin. Don't touch this company .
May be insurance companies who have a contract with this firm need to go else where
omg I just insured my car with them and then find this site ;/ can i cancel it and get my deposit back??
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