Base Guitar Knowledge needed

    im looking a base guitar, for g/f, ive checked the one at ebuyer and amazon, and cant decide between the two, altho the ebuyer comes with a amp, but the amazon looks better quality one which is £70 and the other is £75 dunno if their is any difference between the two , i have no idea on guitars tho:thinking:…390…ics…ics


    I have bought the guitar from ebuyer and it is not a bad little piece of kit for the price, especialy the amp decent size, personally i would go with the one that you think would suit personality & music intrest more, as they will be both the same spec

    Don't you mean Bass Guitar

    tbh your better off going to a local music shop and giving a few a try, seeing how they feel and getting a feel on weight etc.

    Also a good shop would be able to advise on amp.

    Original Poster

    yeah the base bit was "their on purpose too see if you were payin attention" as my teacher would say, i dont play any instrument, and im kinda tone deaf, when it comes to these kinda things, i'll proabably just go with the ebuyer one as its a complete package, thanks for the responce :santa:
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