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Posted 29th Oct

As a sports game lover. I’m trying to work out the best sports games for the Xbox one. Seems RBI 19 is broken - which is a shame as I want an authentic baseball game for the XB1 but it appears the best one out is for PS4 only. The recent Doug Flutie College American Football game is so/so and without correct team logos or players - so I think I’ll be sticking with my chipped 360 to play the NCAA ‘14 game. The £8ish Active Football 2019 on XB1 looks a decent Sensible Soccer style update to that type of game although again with vaguely made up player names.

With various direct downloads now games that are popular in the IS. The lacrosse games etc can now be downloaded without region problems so with that in mind are there any sports games people would definitely recommend? I mean I’ve never played lacrosse apart from one lesson many many years ago at school but fancy playing it’s Xbox version so I’m open to any decent sports game for the XB1. I’m now even considering getting a PS4 for the decent baseball game on it.

Thank you
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Super Mega Baseball 2 is quality game.. not a "sim" game, but still great.
Thank you. I should have said I’ve got both of those via GWG. Both good but ideally I’m mainly looking for sim type games.

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