Baseus lightning cable

Posted 8th May
Has anyone purchased a Baseus lightning cable? Looking to buy a USB-C lightning cable from AliExpress, so opinions or other recommendations would be appreciated 🙏
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I have it works quite well no issues with it. I charge from my laptop usb C connector
I've got three nylon braided Baseus branded USB C to Lightning cables in use, and before I went to USB C, I had Baseus' USB A to Lightning cables. They're all performing really well as both charging and data cables when I sync. I did spend a bit extra and get the ones which claim to have faster charging and data transmission rates the last time I bought one, but I haven't noticed any speed difference between that and their normal "slow" cables, so I wouldn't spend the extra again. They're well made and get the job done for a fraction of the Apple cables' cost. Just as good as Amazon's Basics cables, which are also good, but Amazon don't do USB C to Lightning yet. Typically, the links to the products I bought are dead now, but I bought from the Baseus Official Store on Ali Express.
Thank you for your opinions and I appreciate your feedback @GlasgowGrey. I have ordered one as well as one by Chotech
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