Basic 3G mobile for Korea

    I am visiting South Korea and last time I went my mobile did not work; apparently I need a 3G phone. Which is the lowest priced basic 3G phone (that can be unlocked)?




    Edited, Money making ebay linked removed by myself, RH.

    No ebay links ;-)


    No ebay links ;-)

    Well, it is hardly worth leaving the ebay URL in as that is hardly going to help. At least my link was to C975 in the UK and gave an idea of what was available, not a link to any particular auction.

    It meant that the OP could click on it and see at a glance see what the going market rate was.

    I can only imagine you've left the ebay URL in because HUKD gets a kick back if the OP goes through that link as opposed to nothing through my helpful link.

    ebay links arent allowed full stop here, across the board. Item nos. are OK to post.
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