Basic / entry level gaming desktop PC with dedicated graphics card & monitor below £400?

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Found 27th Nov 2016
Hi. May I ask would it be possible to purchase a basic / entry level gaming desktop with a dedicated graphics card & monitor / keyboard / mouse and Windows OS below £400 or £300 without the monitor? I've been trawling through deals on here for a while now and haven't seen any I believe and as I'm clueless with IT (so no chance of me building one from scratch with separate components) I'm hoping a fellow HUKDer can kindly point me in the right direction of the best sites to search. Many thanks in advance.


Get in touch with these guys, great service, been around for years and UK based

Don't want to hijack post but I need a laptop for 400 any recommendations

might want to look at a Dell Alienware Alpha. A new one might be above your price range but look around and you might want a secondhand. My Brother in law has one, the first ones were dual boot which meant you could load into Steam OS to lgo into your steam games or load into win 8/10 for normal pc actions (like downloading origin and playing origin games). I have a feeling the latest ones just go into Win 10 though they still advertise Steam OS versions. The hard drive and RAM can be upgraded but processor and graphics can't so try and get at least an i5 if you can.

Quite a few PC purists slagged them off but after seeing one, they are tiny, I mean smaller than a Wii, so they are properly portable, take it round a friends house, plug it into a tv and you're good to go. The graphics will play any game just very recent AAA games might need to be on medium settings but then for £400 I am guessing you might already know that.

All in all they are a "budget gaming pc" built around laptop components that are good but as a lot of people will say, building your own will be cheaper. Though I think the construction of a pc the same size as an alpha is almost impossible with off the shelf components.

try you luck on ebay. any 2nd hand desktop with i7 2600k/3770k/4770k & decent graphic card should do.

Theoretically yes. There have been complete G4400 systems for £230 and R7 360s for £75.

Pricing for pre-built gaming machines doesn't tend to very aggressive though, so you're looking at £50-100 more to get the two together.

Realistically I'd say you'd have to accept that there'll be some assembly required or buy second hand.

We bought a basic gaming PC last year for the kids from CCL in Bradford. You can upgrade/downgrade components when ordering through a drop down list. We got a AMD A10 black edition,R7 graphics,16gb ram and 500gb Siemens SSD for about £350. I had to purchase the operating system from eBay (windows 10) and instal it.(25) really easy to do just came on a USB stick. Think there is a deal for Windows 10 on here at the mo for about £12. Anyways it may be worth a look.
cick here for CCL


Don't want to hijack post but I need a laptop for 400 any recommendations

This place has some great deals all year round. If I were buying a laptop I would definitely consider one from here. click here for PC/Laptop deals.

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Thanks for all the answers everyone. Will check out the websites you suggested. May I ask what is the minimum chip, graphics card, RAM, memory etc I should be looking at to play 'not too hungry' games at low to medium levels please? Any answers much appreciated. Additionally what is the difference between a HDD and an SSD please?

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Just in case you were still looking and were interested in the Alienware Alpha, this has just been posted Hard Drive and RAM can be upgraded if needed;…441

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