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    After originally wanting an Ipad my misses now wants a basic laptop.
    All it will basically be used for is internet, email and music.
    As I know nothing about computers can someone suggest one which will cover what we need.
    And im ashamed to say she woulkd also like a pink one, although its not essential



    Just a thought ... but I am no expert

    There are alternatives to the iPad, which are much cheaper, so maybe worth a Google search (Tablet computers)
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    I think it may be because the tablet computers generally have a small hard drive so has gone back to a laptop

    I would recommend this netbook

    This is sufficient for all the things you talked about plus watching films (albeit on a small screen!), plus it has about 5 hours battery life which is pretty good by netbook standards. It's also pretty small so is very easy to move about the house or take on holiday.

    She could also opt for the white one which also has a larger hard drive (storage space). Afterall it is only £10 more!

    It has a built in wireless card, so if you already have a wireless network, just download some security software (eg MS Essentials) and away you go.

    Just read the thing about it being pink. Errr...No.
    However if she wears the trousers then try this. If it has to be then I would choose a Samsung netbook but the value for money won't be as good as the Lenovo I pointed out to you earlier.
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    I didnt think net books were any good?
    Does this seem like a good deal?…tml

    nick130980 - It depends what you are doing. For what you said you want to do it is more than sufficient.

    If you want to play the latest games, do some CAD - it is not for you. Want to rip some DVDs - it's not for you. It doesn't even have a built in DVD player/burner. Want something small and light, long battery life (compared to most laptops) for email, sufing, word, excel, powerpoint, simple photo editing then it is fine. Be honest, what would she do with it?

    From the specs I would say the U350 is not a bad choice. It has a more powerful CPU, but would you need it? The larger screen makes surfing easier, but this means the size of the PC is larger. Does size and weight matter?

    Don't buy into the marketing. It's all about horses for courses. Do some research and see which type of PC is most suitable in your eyes. Play around with them in a shop.

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    Thanks for all the advice. I have some thinking to do
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