Basic PC - any good deals known?

    My dad wants a computer to surf the internet and send e-mails.

    As he's 82, he doesn't intend to do a lot of gaming or DVD downloading.

    Any suggestions and I might get it him for Crimbo.

    Under £250 would be good....


    If you can build them yourself, I quickly threw together a spec for my mom that I can link you the items on Ebuyer? Just the computer came to just over £100 (it had no operating system though). Otherwise I don't know about prebuilt ones

    If you do, email me- I may not see the message on here. [email protected]

    If you can get a vista one before end of year, you will get a better deal, as the free upgrade offer ends then, so they are trying to get rid of them.

    Big Pockets have the following system for sale at £104.99. I bought one of these from them last year for my little girl to surf the net and it is brilliant. Condition is excellent for a refurb too.

    Fujitsu Scenic E600 Desktop PC
    17 Inch TFT Monitor
    P4 2.6Ghz
    40Gb HDD
    XP Pro Pre-Installed

    Try these people. "Good" spec pc's balance of 3 year warranty, Win7 Upgradable etc...…tml

    also [url][/url]

    Then you can get a monitor from most places. I even saw a 23" monitor at ebuyer for £109

    I know it all keeps adding up.....
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