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    Howdy. I am a student, and am needing a basic printer to print off my work for seminars and notes for lectures. Hopefully cheap.

    The vast majority of the printing I will do is .doc or pda format, so it doesnt need to be anything flashy. No pictures or anything, and the occasional colour slideshow.

    My only ask is that it is simple to use, and that it is quick - most of my printing is done about 5 minutes before my lecture if I am going to be honest!

    Going to have a look in PC world today, but I am not particularly hopefull.

    Thanks, Chris.


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    I think my hubby has a spare one, and it will be around the £15 mark, Give me 5 minutes and I will go and talk to him about it.

    I've got a Canon ip1600. Haven't had a problem at all with it and can't recommend it highly enough for light use and doing the odd photo (unlike my earlier Epsons which were prone to drying out on the heads because I use it so infrequently). I think the ip1600 is around £20 now (yep, just checked £19.99 @ ebuyer,…602).

    The only downside is when it comes to replace the cartridges the 2 cartridges are more expensive than buying a new printer (about £25 for a colour and a black one together). Never did understand that...

    I suggest try your local freecycle, there are always good but slightly older printers available on the site I use.

    I have a brand new Dell 725 inkjet printer that I got with my Dell pc. It brand new not used as I have a cannon multi. Will sell it for £15?
    Where are you as its not worth sending as the box is big.
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