Basic / Standard Bike for under £100?

    Looking for a cheap bike for getting to and from work as Im trying to use the car less.

    Can anyone recommend one for under £100? Doesn't need to be anything fancy or anything like that


    for that budget try the second hand market or sports direct

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    Something like this:…htm

    Or better getting second hand?

    If you are buying new it won't be fancy at all. It'll be very very heavy and made of extremely cheap components so any new one at that price will be almost identical. I'd be tempted to buy a half decent second hand one at that price, ideally from someone you know then you have an idea of its history.

    Check out decathlon, They have a new Kemmel for £89.99 here or the much better rockrider 300 for £129.99 if your budget can stretch here

    This one is £100 in Tesco and has good reviews.

    how far is the commute. The £100 bikes are only suitable for pottering about on and even then can fall to bits. I wouldnt fancy cycling daily more than a mile each way on one.

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    the commute is about 1 to 1.5 mile each way down/up a hill, would probably use the bike occasionally in the evening for a short cycle as well

    a few people recommended Halfrauds (halfords) but I personally don't like shopping there, somewhere with a discount code or cashback would be nice then i could stretch my budget a little more lol
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    tbh op you don't need a bike if work is only a 15-20 min walk away

    Probably not, but would prefer one, cuts down the time it takes to get to work, plus it would come in handy for other uses

    I had the same issue (looking for a decent bike for about £100)

    I was, and still am, tempted by the Rockrider 300 (previously called the Rockrider 5.0 (just be renamed) and the 5.0 has had some decent comments/reviews.

    The pro bike league will probably tell you secondhand and/or don't buy a BSO (bike shaped object) and/or nothing new is a cycle unless it's £400+ - total balderdash for your needs and financial outlay

    Yes some of the low end/cheap Tesco/Halfords £100 bikes will not be as good as a £4k carbon fibre gold plated lycra wearing pro cycle and will probably have a few minor issues yet there are 1000.s sold

    To look for a "decent" secondhand try Gumtree/Ebay and sometimes the free sites like Freecycle (nothing to do with bikes but has the occasional bike)

    As I first mentioned I was about to buy a Rockrider 300 but on the day (of borrowing my fathers car to order it) up cropped a Kona Smoke Hybrid @ £40 (knocked down to £35) which just needed degreasing/degunking and a new saddle
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