Basically, Do you think Jacko is innocent or guilty or ?

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Found 3rd Apr 2005
Basically, Do you think Jacko is innocent or guilty or ?

So far it is a very interesting trial

Do you think he is guilty as alleged or is has he left himself wide open & is now being harvested for his money?

Going by the name of his ranch, Is he is still a naive trusting child trapped in an adults body never wanting to grow up, never needing to grow up, very much like peter pan, open to any street wise potless parent?

Or is he just a cold calculating groomer of children?

Or is he just plain weird? :shock:

I must admit, what he has done to his face, doesn't help him appear anything but, creepy, but from being a child star, being able to have absolutely anything at anytime, swooned over by millions, I don't suppose anyone of us could really imagine his outlook on life or experiences

Lets hear some opinions :wink:

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I definitely don't think he's cold and calculating....

I think he's just plain the sense that he has lost touch of reality. Look at his Neverland ranch and the accounts of how he lived, parties he threw etc. I don't think he had any concept of social reality I think he was fairly far removed from understanding what is socially acceptable and what the consequences of breaking those norms are.

Hmm... I can't even choose from the options [even undecided] until I've learned more of other peoples testimonies. Sometimes I feel he's maybe trying to get back his lost childhood, sometimes I think, "surely he must have known letting kids sleep over with him was wrong". Then I think, "surely he wouldn't put himself in a situation he'd been accused of before".

The one thing that does bother me, the fact that any parent or guardian would let their children stay alone with him after the first episode.

I would like to think he's not guilty, I feel he could be "innocently" guilty, I don't want to disbelieve the kids involved either, as they could be telling the truth. If the jury find him guilty, I'd trust their judgement. If they find him not guilty, he'll still have that tag for the rest of his life + beyond, as will the kids involved.

But i heard the family accusing him have made false accusations before to make money, I think he is just a kid in an adults body

i`m not sure if he`s guilty or he`s just completely lost it and certain people want to cash in on it, one thing i`m sure of is he certainly knitting with one needle if u catch my drift
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