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    I'm starting Bass lessons next week and just wondering if anyone had any ideas on basics I can practise beforehand.

    I've played guitar in the past and have been dabbling on the bass this last month so can play bits and pieces. I was thinking just getting some scales done etc and working on just getting my fingering a bit faster really.

    Having lessons so I can get as many techniques learnt as possible before I go to uni in september as I won't be ableto afford lessons then.



    I'm completely self taught, so my advice is probably useless!

    I basically just jumped straight in there learning songs, i think Fall Out Boy's Dance, Dance was one of the first, along with slow but easy basslines, lie White Stripes' 7 Nation army

    Probably not useful in the slightest, but my 2 cents... :-D

    If you want to improve your fingerwork I would say that- unfortunately- scales and arpeggios, are really the way forward. If you are having some lessons then your teacher will definitely be able to give you some proper advice though. I find that scales can get really boring and it's easy to lose motivation unless you play something you enjoy as well, so perhaps try to have a bit of a mixture.

    Also, if you are off to uni, you may find some music students who are keen to earn money by teaching. I found a really great guitar teacher that way. Their rates tend to be lower as well, so it's worth having a look in the music dept if there is one.

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    Yeah I've been doing a few songs, can do carousel, when we were young and learn to fly by blink 182, the killers and foo fighters respectivly. I don't mind doing scales etc, reteaching myself guitar and with a basic minor/ blues scale you can work on speed, bends, hammer ons, pull offs, vibratos. Makes them much more interesting but not sure how it would cross over to bass.

    Will definately check out the music dept in uni, thought about that sort of, but more befriending people who play so I can get bits done for free haha! Going to try and blah some lessons in college with the music teacher too, I've just left but going to ask tomorrow if he can do some stuff on the circle of fifths in I come in whilst the first years are still in...
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