bath bombs where to buy?

Found 16th Oct 2016
I am looking to buy bath bombs to add to bath soak time.
I did a quick google for these and Lush bath bombs come up. But they range from £3.50 a piece, which I do think is quite pricey.
Any ideas???
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lush bath bombs are pretty amazing if you could hold out till December they sell loads half price on boxing day x…tml
Not sure about cheaper but lush ones smell amazing!
You could try making them yourself and experimenting with your favourite oils etc.
Bomb cosmetics do great ones, or you might find people locally making them and selling in markets - they aren't that hard to make.

One bomb will usually be enough for 4+ baths - don't be afraid of breaking them up.
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Get on YouTube for. . how to make some yourself.
B & M and home bargains have lots in stock
£3 for 6. Free delivery if you become a member and it's free to join.…800
body shop have them half price at moment
Seen some in Home Bargains last week for 69/79p (unsure which price). Although my Lush obsessed niece says nothing beats the ones from Lush. Then again we always ignore fangirls even though she bought myself a penguin one for my Birthday last week!. Poundland had some mini Christmas themed ones penguins, Santas and such.

Can only see the bigger ones online…omb

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Lush make the best ones, it really is a case of you get what you pay for with bath bombs. Theirs will fizz and turn your bath water lovely colours and smell divine. Bomb cosmetics ones are cute but tiny , they tend to be more oily and are nice but don't have the same properties in terms of strength of smell. The ones you can buy cheaply imho aren't worth using , they don't gave the same strength of fragrance, the fizz is minimal and I don't know of any that change the colour of the bath water, so you would be just as well using ordinary bubble bath. But as a poster said above lush do have a big Christmas sale which is definitely worth stocking up at. And yes I live in a lush obsessive house
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Lush ones are worth the money:)
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