Bath hot tap makes dripping sound in wall down stairs when switched on.

Posted 7th Mar
Hi all,

There is an annoying dripping sound in the wall downstairs on our house when you turn the hot tap on in the bath for 30 seconds.

The room downstairs is directly under the bath.

I've checked under the bath and can't see any leak. If I just turn the cold tap on it doesn't happen.

Any ideas what it can be?
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Expanding pipes heating up in a badly insulated cavity? ..possibly with a slight airlock.
Tick, tick, noise ..not drip, drip?

Not 🚀 science in all likelihood to cure.
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As Mr Gus says its probably the pipe expanding as the hot water comes through, does the hot pipe run up through the wall in the room underneath? If the pipe isn't readily accessible though you may just have to put up with it.
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Thanks guys. I'm gonna run all the hot water and then try it again.
What kind of heating system do you have?
Could you record the sound?
OP, if it is an airlock then it may be that you can release it via radiatiors or if your system is more complex a separate solution of bleeding, though if not causing wet anywhere should just be put down to "house noises" ..less irritating once you know.
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