Bath in a Car

I am going to buy a bath from B & Q,

And trying to get my sister to collect it she has a Zaferia,

So i think i will fit she doesn't so We always look at hot deals and think use should decide,

Bath 1700mm by 600mm,

Her car is "1550" lol

Hey Sam I ken your looking,

What do use all think?

Thanks for reading



I think no!


your thread has shown me you can never stop being amazed, no matter what your age is

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But the 1500mm is before the seat movesa the front Zaferias are huge,
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Does the 1700mm include packaging?

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Hell No

Don't you know anyone with a horse and cart,like Steptoe,hilarious lol

Can't you get it delivered ?

I drive a clio and mines is 1800mm from the dashboard to the bootlid however the 700 width would be a problem

I think she is a woman and surely cannot measure correctly maybe she needs to get a man to do it properly for her :-p

yes on the roof lol

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Use are meant to say yes?? lol

I think it would they are big cars,,,,Anyone have one?

Or have free delivery codes for B&Q lol

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Thanks I think so 2, :-)

Bath in a car?

Try the AA Route Planner, Bing Maps, or Google Maps.



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It may fit in, I have had a flat pack 6 foot wardrobe in our VW Golf with the front passenger seat laid flat.

The Golf from boot to dash is around 185 cm, so im guessing it may go in !!

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Thanks Sassie,

Bath in a car.....
Bad idea. Need frosted windows or a curtain for privacy at least


Bath in a car?Try the AA Route Planner, Bing Maps, or Google Maps.BFN,fp.

For goodness sake



For goodness sake

I've got the hippy hippy shake

Serious reply I did exactly this with my BMW e36 compact 3 weeks ago and it fitted with room to spare - just popped back seats down and in it went. you have loads more room in the zafira.

Just buy one at Wickes, they do free delivery and are better quality.

so much lulz

No chance. I mesured my zafira from back of my seat to back window with all seats folded and it 1550! Need to find where to get 150 from!

I've got a Zafira and I would say that theirs no way a bath would fit, To give you an idea of size I can just fit an adult size bike in lying flat, Anthing bigger would stick out the boot..!! Which is an option as you could tie it down.

A bath would fit in a Ford Galaxy though, I could get a 3 seater sofa in my old Galaxy.
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