Bathroom fitter, where to look?

Found 2nd Nov 2017
Will complete a purchase on a flat soon, and will be looking to get someone in to do the bathroom. Tiling top to bottom, new toilet, flooring and sink.

Where is the best place to source these items?
How many days of labour and how much?
Where can I find someone for this job?
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We had very good service from Wickes..
Without any real information in the OP the only answer i can really give is:

The price and amount of labour will depend on the amount of work involved and who you use. The best place to source the items will depend on where you are and you will be able to find somebody to do it by searching Google, local directories, asking friends etc.

It might be of use to let people know where in the country you are so that they might be able to point you in the right direction.
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toilet and sink you can get cheaply from victorianplumb, victorianplumbing and similar websites. i even got a bath tub cheap from ebay recently!

tiles i would get from a tile retailer and they come in different prices depending on pattern and quality.

the fitting can be done by a plumber, look for ones who says that they do bathroom fitting as they will be better at the job and they will also do tiling for you. depending on where you are, you can advertise your job on myworkman, mybuilder, or google for nearby plumbers to your area and look at their websites or call them and ask them for quotes.
Myself, I would source the materials locally from Wicks, B&Q and the like and choose a good local fitter with high ratings from the Checkatrade website. We went that route for our curtains and also for our new boiler. Both were happy to visit and provide a free quote, and the work was excellent.
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