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Posted 4th Nov
Looking for specific kind of bog room mat (don't know if it exists). I use short pile ones (other fancier ones just clog up the washing machine). Here's a picture of the type I use now:

I like them, but they have a pretty awful white rubber backing that perishes when washing even on low temperature. So I end up having to replace them almost weekly. What I want is a short pile mat, but with a backing similar to a door mat, a bit like this:


That type of backing does well in a washing machine. Any ideas?

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ding04/11/2019 15:44

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dunelm have washable door mats that might have a pattern suitable for a bathroom, our one is used as a door mat and washes great in the washer, or even ikea if you have one close, their picture shows the use of a non slip mat underneath 38900362-Ay4Bp.jpg
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ra78604/11/2019 15:52

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Yours might be pee free but you’ve just said that you are having to replace them weekly as they are getting ruined in the wash, that can’t be economic. As suggested above, just get the flat towel style ones that you find in hotels or do without rather than throw your money away on repeatedly buying and binning the same thing.

Maybe this is the sort of thing that would be perfect for you as they are made to withstand being washed very regularly.

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IKEA ones or ASDA ones wash well weekly.
i have the ones from wilko, which are microfibre and they are very easy to wash. they are also very good at not accumulating dust and hairs on them. they also feel very nice on the feet. not expensive either.…388
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