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Bathroom renovation

Posted 12th Mar
Parents are having their bathroom renovated since it was last done 15 years ago. So we need a tub/sink/cabinet/loo and the associated materials. Wondering how do you go about getting these bits for the best possible prices or quality? Any tricks or ways to get a good deal or is it a matter of finding a good discount code. Thanks
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I got mine from gumtree. It was originally from Victoria plumbing they sold it due to change of design. So have a look around first
Best possible price doesn't sit well with quality.

If you want best price (I'm presuming you mean lowest) the diy sheds are a good place to start.

What is quality to you, Handmade uniqueness? Solid gold toilet... I believe a famous one of those stolen last year is still to be found You could always get a bathroom designer in.
Same situation. Do share what you did
Many of my customer buy from EBay, and in the main been very pleased with, however I also have fitted B&Q and Homebase, some good and some questionable. Overall it's a bit of a lottery.
Tub/sink/loo can be picked up from local trade shop for under £200
I have fitted all sorts from many different suppliers over the years, and there isn't always a direct correlation between price and quality.
If VP have what you want and looks comparatively priced then go for it.
What I will say is a well fitted bathroom with materials on a budget always looks better than the best gear just thrown in.
Type in EBay, and Google search bar for the actual items. From having a general look I think you could save ££££. Also as I'm in the trade I get discounts not always available to the public.
This is in my own home and did the lot for £2k 40100092-kd18j.jpg40100092-zYfe2.jpg40100092-dCdg3.jpg
Draw a basic plan. Make sure you put in the window and door opening, plus where the soil pipe is.
Also if you had a 1200 long tray what would you put in the space?
Never really sure what makes one shower loads more on a like for like basis, as quite often the thermostatic valves are very similar. I guess there is an element of design and quality of chrome etc. Generally Mira are reasonably good in terms of quality and value for money. Grohe are probably better quality in terms of feel and looks, however sometimes you could be paying more money just for a name and perceived better quality. I can confirm that Triton are built on a budget as their repair engineer told me so .
Screen can be a bit hit and miss. Had some very expensive ones that although were great once fitted were a pig to put together, and others real budget purchases from EBay and have been a piece of cake to put up.
What I will add is unless you have a burning desire for a stone acrylic capped shower tray choose a light weight one. Lay it on a flat piece of 18mm marine ply with a good amount of silicone weighted down overnight. Just thought you're not doing the work so no need to think about the weight 😃.
The screen seems a little expensive, however I'm tight with my own money, and have nothing to compare it with. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge and go for it.
I can confirm your fitter will go mad if you don't make your mind up however they should have made sure all this was 99% organised beforehand unless you are using multiple trades and they all thought someone else was doing the organising, oh that would be you! If it helps even though i do it as a job it still took a few days between my wife and I what to decide upon.40111480-Vi4vN.jpg40111480-9yy8B.jpgThe above pics are from my other bathroom which I converted from an open balcony on the front of my home. Good luck.
OP, I’d definitely go for a large shower over a bath any day of the week. If you have a young family, why encourage them to laze away hours in the bath as they get older rather than a 5 minute shower and dash.
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