Bathtub size- 1700 or 1500mm? And Good Quality ones?

Found 6th Feb
We have a galley bath, to give it more of a spacious feel we are considering a shorter bath 1500mm across the width of the bathroom instead of long ways.

What are your thoughts on a shorter bath tub?

Also which are good quality bathtubs? Metal ones?

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Cast iron baths can have enamel chips and marks over time ! 1500 is small ! Would u not consider a shower instead?
Do you have kids? I wish we had a carronite bath to stop dents and digs carronite supposed to keep heat longer too
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If you go shorter bath then go for a deeper one. Shorter baths do mean you can’t lay and relax as easily if your tall like me. If it’s deeper (higher) then you can still get a similar effect by filling it higher.
That's right a standard size bath is 1700, so a shorter bath would be 20cm shorter. Would this be a no no for taller people?
We have a 1500mm and it's just about on the limit from the wife and I (5" 8 & 5" 7) but with a child a bath is a must so we make do. It's a lot deeper than a traditional 1700 though so you can just about get your knees and shoulders in under the water if you scrunch up a but and twist your knees to the side.

You can get 1600mm baths as well, and 1650mm and P shaped so it's worth taking a look as depending on the width of the room, you might be able to get a P bath which gives a bit more room in the elbows but costs a bit more to fill.
my husband has a shorter bath tub in a property and it looks a bit ridiculous. he had it installed to fit the bath along the wall to make the bathroom look bigger.

luckily no one uses it as a bath tub but as shower base as there is an electric shower over the bath tub. you can not have a proper bath in it unless you are a midget
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