batman arkham game of the year

i cant get over how good this game is the graphics the story its the best game i have played in a long time if you dont have it get it


gotta admit it is stunning. they have captured arkham perfectly. game flows well and the movments are very natural both on screan and control wise. JOkers come up with some cracking one liners so far thats had me in fits. Hubby apprisates Harleys outfit too :lol:

I started it on the hardest difficulty, Bane was a right get to defeat. Got past him eventually though. I like being sly on it, sneaking around and doing silent take downs.

Graphicaly brilliant, Gameplay is pretty superb too, not a button masher, you have to check around, look at everything. I'm going to have another crack at it tomorrow, i also like the fact, that if you die you don't have to start from miles away.

I've played the demo, are gargoyles the only thing you can hang onto?
To kill someone (silent takedown) you press one button poor imo. Could have you pressing a few buttons with timing.
I found it extremely repetitive boring storyline, the fighting is just like Watchmen: The End is Nigh definitely not as good as I thought it would be, however, this may be just the demo but I doubt it, i'll play the full one and have a rethink although I extremely doubt this is Game of The Year material.

I've had it for a week and not got round to completing it (waiting for new TV to arrive so I can do the last hour or so on that) and I agree it's a brilliant game, the combat is a bit too easy though... you can easily take out 10-20 thugs on your own with little effort.
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