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Found 16th Oct 2009
If you goto the Security Control Room in the Peniteniary(where Clayface and Warden Sharp are) Who is the mad man in the straitjacket in the cell above the door you enter?? Is he some sort of secret hidden character or ingame joke maybe one of the guys who made the game??

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I wondered this as well, seems a good detailed character to not mean anything!
There is a riddler question mark to the left of him though!!

Here you go:…p-4

Mystery One-Armed InmateFinally, you may have noticed this super creepy … Mystery One-Armed InmateFinally, you may have noticed this super creepy dude pacing and muttering to himself in the same room as Clayface. He’s way too detailed and unique in appearance to be a random NPC, but we couldn’t match him to a DC character no matter how hard we tried. Then we remembered the Arkham Asylum contest announced last year – the winner’s face would be rendered somewhere in the game. That “somewhere” is here. Interestingly, if you scan the inmate’s skeleton with Detective Mode, you’ll see that his missing limb isn’t missing at all. He’s just hiding it behind his back. Sorry for calling you “super creepy”, contest winner guy, but that’s just weird.Also, we’re totally jealous.

Mystery solved?
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