Found 12th Sep 2005
I am looking for some lithium aa batteries, I found them in argos for 5.99 for 4 . Was wondering if there any cheaper place
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Your mind is probably made up that you want disposable lithium batteries.
BUT, have you noticed that can now get rechargables that only need a 15 minute charge?
The system needs a special 15 min charger and special 15 min batteries.
An example of a very sexy techy recharger is argos.co.uk/web…age
but that is hideously overpriced, so maybe check the same charger out at dabs.com/uk/…oss which is nearly half the price. And 2 weeks ago the eBay prices were higher than Dabs.
The recharger will charge non-quickies as well, but obviously not as quickly.
4 AA 15 min batteries are less than £8.
For me, the only inconvenience about recharging before was the time is took to recharge.
No excuse now! come on be a hippy and save the planet!
I recently bought a box load of 2300mAH rechargables from Maplin and really wish that I'd known about 15 minutes battery technology before!
I've been putting off buying the charger for about 4 weeks now. But am going to get one right now from Dabs, before they all go!
Thanks for the info snedger, I didnt know about these, and was about to pay £29.99 for a fast charger (not as fast as 15 mins tho!! - nearer 4 hours I think!) This works out cheaper and better.

Nice one :o) Did you get the 15 min batteries from Dabs as well? Or anywhere else?
Thanks about the rechargeable, but my product can't take rechargeables because rechargeables are only 1.2v so the gps dies after 1 hour of use. If i use disposable lithium I get 10 days out of it , but still pretty expensive to run.
I knew that there must be some electronic devices that would be upset by the voltage differences betweeen disposable and rechargeables.
7dayshop always seem to have cheap stuff for this sort of thing 7dayshop.com/cat…=AW

I tried all day to get the charger from Dabs. It kept failing card authentication. But worked straight away when I tried it at home - must have some strange block at work. Unfortunately, to make P&P go a bit further I asked for some AAA batteries which were in stock, but now they're not and this is now holding up my order!!!
Have you tried [url]www.batteryforce.co.uk[/url] (5% back at quidco)
Received my charger on 6th October. Mucho problems getting them to take my money and mucho time telling me about it! It's not a very compact unit. You get a big charger; a separate big heavy transformer and a separate power lead. It's going to be difficult to prevent various bits of this kit getting tidied to differnt parts of the house.
IMPORTANT! DABS do this charger a lot cheaper than places like Argos, BUT, DABS give you no batteries.
proud owner of a 15 minute battery charger, but with no 15 minute batteries
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